Welcome Home

Hope for Savannah

“We exist to eliminate excuses for people to think Jesus does not love them..”

WHat's Up?

You Are Invited

We love to have guests for dinner on Friday Nights!! This is an open invitation for you and your family to share a meal with ours! We make homemade pizza and brownies!
(If you must bring something, bring a side dish
or cheerwine)
Email: HopeforSAV@gmail.com

Weekly Gatherings

We meet Sundays at 10:30am for
Bible Discovery and Potluck Style lunch after!

WHy Savannah?

Most of the big transition moments of our life did not start with the voice of God thundering a new command. Rather a small idea of what could be, that which was not yet. Our story is one where God shows up in small ways throughout our life to guide us here. The full explanation of how we got here would need a large cup of coffee, and we love to share! 

Until that time, we keep walking through doors as God opens them! God is so good and we have seen His hand opening doors and nudging us to only one place… Savannah, Georgia.

Faithful Presence...

We are a group of people who follow Jesus which means we desire everyone to trust Jesus as Lord of their life, living as if He really does love YOU. We do this under the example of John Wesley, meaning we see our relationship with Jesus to make our community a better place for all.